Monday, January 31, 2011

L2K2 Noob Run: High-Rank Rangurotora - Amatsu Light Bowgun/Falmel S

SON OF A GUN: So I got me an Amatsu LBG and decided to go back to gunning again after fiddling with melee weapons for a bit. All I can say is, the time off pretty much shows. Also had editing issues with this vid but was too lazy to re-do and re-upload everything again. Kinda' like redoing a trip to the toilet bowl, you know. It's just not worth it. So without further ado, it's noobin' time!

EQUIPS: Amatsu Light Bowgun, Falmel (Farumeru) S Armor Set, King's Talisman

SKILLS:  Thunder Resist (L), Evade +1, Earplugs, Critical Eye +1, Halve Stun

Sunday, January 30, 2011

L2K2 Noob Run: High-Rank Great Baggi - Shadowbinder & Ananta Kai Paralysis Longsword

CUZ' YOU'RE NOT GONNA REACH MY TELEPHONE: In this latest episode from Loc Lac Kitty Karters, Pac asks yours truly to help him get Great Baggi Hides to upgrade his Ananta Bone Blade Kai to a Shadowbinder. Naturally, every phone in the house starts ringing midway. Let's do a noob-by-noob breakdown of this hunt, shall we?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

L2K2 Noob Run: High-Rank Gigginox

NOOBIN' IT ON THE TUNDRA: Chalk it up to needing some rehab. Or maybe needing some sleep. But Ke$ha was feeling a wee bit left out after being absent in the inaugural Loc Lac Kitty Karters Support Group video. So Pac and I decided to take the Ke$hter with us to a Gigginox farming hunt. A hunt in which our esteemed, um, videographer apparently decided to channel his inner pinball. Ah, good, old aggro Pac. The best part of this video? The background music. Yep, that's pretty much it. 

L2K2 EPISODE 2B: Gettin’ Giggi With It
STARRING: Pac, Gaga, Ke$ha and Gigginox 

L2K2 Noob Run: Video Test With High-Rank Double Aoshira

RUN, NOOBS, RUN: Ho-ho, look who just figured out how to grab video from a PSP. Now if only they could figure out how to grab sound... Or how to properly play Monster Hunter. But we're grading on a curve today (a veeerry low curve) so we'll give these geniuses a pass. Now witness L2K2's first noob run as Pac flaunts his prized Silver Los armor while Gaga decides to put her bowguns aside and wear some cheap Japanese clothing while giving the Shadowbinder a spin.