Monday, January 31, 2011

L2K2 Noob Run: High-Rank Rangurotora - Amatsu Light Bowgun/Falmel S

SON OF A GUN: So I got me an Amatsu LBG and decided to go back to gunning again after fiddling with melee weapons for a bit. All I can say is, the time off pretty much shows. Also had editing issues with this vid but was too lazy to re-do and re-upload everything again. Kinda' like redoing a trip to the toilet bowl, you know. It's just not worth it. So without further ado, it's noobin' time!

EQUIPS: Amatsu Light Bowgun, Falmel (Farumeru) S Armor Set, King's Talisman

SKILLS:  Thunder Resist (L), Evade +1, Earplugs, Critical Eye +1, Halve Stun

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