Sunday, October 21, 2012

L2K2 Noob Run: Silver Rathalos - Amatsu Element Rapidfire Bowgun & Zinogre / Jinouga Longsword

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD: Meanwhile, back in Loc Lac.... It’s been more than a year since our favorite “kitty karters” laced up their monster hunting boots. Even after Gaga got his grubby paws on a white 3DS and Monster Hunter 3G during a visit to Japan last Christmas, he eventually quit playing a month later because “honster munting” just ain’t the same without his two buddies.

Then Monster Hunter Ultimate got announced. Like a hunter getting a second wind after being dumped like a sack of potatoes via kitty cart in camp, the old gang decided to boot up Monster Hunter Portable 3rd again for some much needed practice. Their first target? Ke$ha’s white, er, silver whale: Silver Rathalos.

Given the fact that Ke$ha and Pacman haven’t hunted for more than a year while Gaga hasn’t used a bowgun for the same amount of time, the potential for noobin’ moments was as high as a dragon egg on Area 8 of the Deserted Island. The best part of the hunt? When Ke$ha carved a Rathalos Ruby from Silver Rath’s tail and started running around like an idiot while screaming “I got a Rathalos Ruby!” over and over and over. This was made even funnier by the fact that in his quest to get that one ruby to complete his Silver Rath armor set more than a year ago, Gaga and Pac -- who didn’t need said ruby because they already have their Silver Rath armor -- kept getting the gem over and over.

So ‘grats, Ke$ha. Let us hope that the Rathalos Ruby is no longer your drug.

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