Tuesday, November 6, 2012

L2K2 Noob Run: High Rank Zinogre/Jinouga [ジンオウガ]

Lots of folks practice their hunts to perfection before recording their feats and making them available to the masses. That’s not how the Loc Lac Kitty Karters roll, however. Two weeks after marking our year-and-a-half absence from Monster Hunting with a rusty showing against Silver Rathalos, we doubled down with an even more shameful showing against Zinogre. Practice? We’re talking about practice? Forget practice, just hit the record button and let’s get the party started, people. Ooh, that didn’t quite turn out like we wanted...

The good news about noob runs, however, is that they provide a great educational experience. After all, when life gives you lemons, you give them to someone else and let them have the pucker face. So what did we learn? First, I apparently can’t hit the broad side of barn. Zinogre’s weak point is his head, which I tried to hit in this run — emphasis on the word “tried.” I could almost hear a disappointed Master Yoda sitting behind me and saying there is no try, only do. Second, I really needed to get closer. Besides some of my shots not reaching their target because I was too far, this also makes the hunt less efficient if Zinogre decides to chase me and my melee partner has to cover more distance to get within striking range again (especially since we also brought Felvines to the quest). Also the “Square” button isn’t for reloading or standing up (as exemplified by the two times I healed myself without meaning to). Meanwhile, Pacman did a good job in alternating between hitting the head, back and rear leg of Zinogre but, uh, totally forgot to cut the tail.

Other than ALL that, well, everything was just peachy...

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